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Date News Release
04/09/14 OPTIMIZERx Targets Animal Health Market to Provide Automated Savings Through Veterinary Practices
04/04/14 Zacks Report: Record Yr But 2014 Could Dwarf 2013 Numbers
03/18/14 OptimizeRx Completes $10 Million Capital Raise
03/20/14 OPTIMIZERx Announces Sponsorship of the CBInet eRx and EHR Conference
01/07/14 Grey Healthcare Group & OptimizeRx Announce Partnership to Expand Offerings Through EHRs
11/14/13 OPTIMIZERx Corporation Q-3 Earnings Call
10/08/13 OPTIMIZERx Announces Record Preliminary 2013 Third Quarter Results and Update
09/13/13 OPTIMIZERx Corporation Announces the Launch of OPTIMIZEHR
07/30/13 OPTIMIZERx Corporation Announces Partnership with HealthTronics
05/29/13 OPTIMIZERx and PDR Announce Strategic Partnership
05/13/13 OPTIMIZERx Corporation Q1 2013 Earnings Call
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